1701-2 SPX Flow-Hankison Bypass Valve

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1701-2 SPX Flow Hankison Bypass VLV-Dryer-BLEED TYPE


1701-2 SPX Flow Hankison Bypass VLV-Dryer-BLEED TYPE

Automatically Depressurize Your Unit

With the Hankison By-Pass Valve you can service your system components and still use the system. The By-Pass Valve eliminates the expensive installation costs and space limitations of conventional three valve by-pass systems. It can be used with gases and liquids compatible with nylon Buna N and brass.


  • No need for separate valves and fittings to braze them into proper sequence
  • All parts are enclosed in one integral unit
  • Compression fittings utilize a reusable rubber ferrule
  • Metal to plastic design makes fittings completely rotatable and eliminates leakage
  • Compact design permits ease of installation

1701-2 and 1701-3 – Bleed Type

When these models are placed in the by-pass mode, the component being by-passed automatically depressurizes through a bleed hole in the valve

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in


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