65UV5-1004ECEX Fireye Integrated Flame Scanner

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65UV5-1004ECEX flame scanner with internal flame relay with 1 second flame failure response time. BSP mounting threads for sight pipe and cooling air connections.

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The Fireye 65UV5-1004ECEX integrated flame scanner. (replaces 65UV5-1004CEX)



Fireye 65UV5 self-checking scanners are used to detect ultraviolet emissions from fossil fuel flames such as natural gas, coke oven gas, propane, methane, butane, kerosene, light petroleum distillates and diesel fuels.


The 65UV5 scanners use a UV-eye detector. This detector is a sealed, gas filled, UV-sensitive tube containing two electrodes connected to a source of DC voltage. When UV radiation of sufficient energy falls upon the electrodes, electrons are released and the inter-electrode gas becomes conductive, resulting in an electric current flow from one electrode to the other. The current flow starts and ends abruptly and is known as an “avalanche.” A very intense source of UV radiation will produce several hundred avalanches or pulses per second. With less radiation there will be fewer pulses per second. Upon total disappearance of flame, the detector output ceases. Thus, the presence or absence of pulses is an indication of the presence or absence of flame; the frequency of the pulses is a measure of flame intensity. When the pulses reach a sufficient level, the internal flame relay is energized.

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