EP160 Fireye Programmer

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EP160 Programmer Module, 30s Purge,10/15 stfi, nr

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The Fireye EP160 Programmer 10 and 15 sec. TFI.


The Fireye EP160 programmer modules are used with the FLAME-MONITOR Burner Management Control System (P/N’s E100 and E110). Several operational characteristics of the programmer are determined by six (6) dipswitches located on the side of the programmer. These characteristics include forced blower motor start delay (dipswitch 1), extended purge timing (dipswitches 3, 4, 5) and the option requiring the 3-P running interlock circuit to be proven open at the start of the operating cycle (dipswitch 6). Dipswitch 2 is inactive. Models EP163 and EP177 characteristics are programmed via the ED510 Display Module, rather than by dipswitch.

The EP160 programmers provide start-up programming, safe-start check, and flame monitoring supervision. They insure open damper (high purge) prepurge, proof of low fire position, and fuel valve end switch safety checks. A running interlock circuit on the FLAME-MONITOR system constantly monitors the limit switches, air flow switches, and fuel pressure switches through the programmer. The programmer control is designed to initiate a safety lockout if any of these circuits are open at the improper point in the control cycle.

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