NSB8BHC240-0 Johnson Controls Network Sensor


Temperature, Humidity, CO2, White Sensor With Display

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The NS Series Network Sensors function directly with Metasys® system Field Equipment Controllers (FECs), Metasys Network and Control Engines (NCEs), Advanced Application Field Equipment Controller (FACs), Metasys VAV Box Equipment Controllers (CVM) and General Purpose Application Controllers (CGM), Input/Output Modules (IOMs), VAV Modular Assembly (VMA16) Controllers, and Facility Explorer™ FX-PC Series Programmable Controllers (FXPCGs, FX-PCVs, and FX-PCXs). The sensors are also compatible with Verasys® and Johnson Controls® Smart Equipment.

The NS Series Network Sensors monitor zone temperature, relative humidity (RH), carbon dioxide (CO2), motion, and local temperature setpoint adjustments. The sensor transmits this data to a controller on the Sensor/Actuator (SA) bus.

Some NS Series Network Sensors models include an onboard passive infrared (PIR) occupancy sensor that detects motion to determine if a space is occupied. This feature maximizes up to 30% energy savings in high-energy usage environments such as schools, dormitories, offices, hospitals, and hotels by adjusting the temperature of the space based on the occupancy status. In addition, the PIR occupancy sensor facilitates trending of floor space usage in these environments.

Display models of the NS Series Network Sensors are available with a backlit LCD fixed segment display or a full color graphical LCD interface. These models allow the user to view zone temperature, RH, CO2, and adjust the zone temperature setpoint and fan speed. Graphical models provide a summary of sensor values at the base of the display. Fixed segment models have the capability to set the default display to temperature, RH, or temperature setpoint.

The user can also choose between degrees Fahrenheit (F) and degrees Celsius (C). To prevent tampering with the sensor, display models also include a screen lockout feature. The graphical display allows the user to choose between a light or dark color theme and to set the sleep mode to dim or turn off.

Some models also have a Warmer/Cooler interface to adjust the zone temperature. Instead of a display, these models have two cap touch buttons with seven LED lights that represent the current setpoint.The display models include the following fan speeds: automatic, off, low, medium, or high.

Interaction with the sensor sets the occupancy override function to signal to the controller that the zone is occupied and to override the scheduled mode.

The full color graphical LCD models use the graphical user interface to set a unique BACnet® address for applications that require multiple sensors.


  • BACnet MS/TP protocol communication—Provides compatibility with Metasys system field controllers, Facility Explorer programmable controllers as well as Verasys and Johnson Controls Smart Equipment in a proven communication network.
  • Single and multifunctional sensors—Choose temperature, RH, CO2, and occupancy sensing depending on HVAC needs.
  • Large backlit LCD fixed segment display or LCD full color graphical display on some models—Provides real-time status of the environment with backlighting activated during user interaction.
  • Simple temperature setpoint adjustment or Warmer/Cooler mode available on display models—Configure simple setpoint adjustment or Warmer/Cooler mode.
  • Onboard occupancy sensor available on PIR models—Maximizes up to 30% energy savings in high-energy usage environments, and facilitates trending of floor space usage.
  • Temporary occupancy included on all display and Warmer/Cooler models—Provides a timed override command, which initiates a temporary occupancy state.
  • Field-selectable default display setting on display models—Toggle between temperature, RH or temperature setpoint on the display, and set the desired default for continuous viewing.
  • Fahrenheit/Celsius (°F/°C) selectable on display models—Display temperature in degrees Fahrenheit or degrees Celsius.
  • All display models meet California Energy Code (Title 24)—Displays the required State of California Title 24 economizer fault conditions.
  • All display models include a screen lockout—Prevents sensor tampering.
  • Serialized sensors and calibration certificates—Obtain factory calibration certificates for all models.

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