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The Fireye Nexus NX6220 CANbus Display PPC6000
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The Fireye Nexus NX6220 or NX6330 (with Ethernet) OLED (Organic LED) 12 key keypad display provide an easy to read, bright operator interface for operation and commissioning of Fireye NX6100 or PPC6000* series control. The addition of four multifunction soft keys, make commissioning quicker and easier. Once in commissioning mode, these keys group related options, such as all servomotor options, together for convenience, minimizing the risk of skipping options that are related but in different areas of the program.

Two models are available; NX6220 (basic display with USB port) and NX6330 (USB and Ethernet port). Both displays include complete commissioning back up as well as three user defined relays. English, French and Spanish languages are supported and can easily be selected from a list of available languages stored within the display. Other languages may be added from time to time, consult the factory for availability.

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