T26A-14C Johnson Controls Thermostat


Line Voltage Wall Thermostat, Heating Applications, Knob Adjustment, No Thermometer, SPST, Energy Conservation Heating Model, Max Setting of 75 Degrees, No Selector Switch, 2 Degree Differential

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The Johnson Controls T26A-14C LINE VOLTAGE Thermostat; Thermostat; HTG; 40/75F LINE VOLT; NO THERMOMeterKnob ADJUST;


The Johnson Controls T26S-18C LINE VOLTAGE Thermostat; Thermostat; HTG/CLG; SPDT LINE VOLT;HORZ OR VERT UNIV. (SEE: EMSU-90-06)

The T26 standard model thermostats provide SPDT control for heating, cooling, or heating and cooling applications. The T26 has a thermoplastic cover with an Allen-head locking screw to discourage unauthorized tampering. The thermostat consists of a liquid filled sensing element, which has excellent sensitivity to surrounding air temperature changes. Coupled with a highly efficient diaphragm and lever mechanism, the element operates an enclosed narrow differential Pennswitch. An adjusting knob and easy-to-read dial allow quick selection of the desired setpoint. The thermostat is supplied with the faceplate installed for vertical mounting and knob adjustment. However, a horizontal faceplate is enclosed for horizontal mounting and knob adjustment if desired.

Operating Differential

The operating temperature differential of any selfcontained thermostat depends on the following:

  • the velocity of air over the thermostat
  • the rate of temperature change to which the thermostat is subjected
  • the current flowing through the thermostat (amperage load)
  • whether the thermost

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