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UV1A3 UV scanner, 1/2 NPT connector, 3 ft. flex conduit (900mm)

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The Fireye UV1A3 UV scanner, 1/2 NPT connector, 3 ft. flex conduit (900mm)

Tech Sheet

The UV1A3/6, UV2/UV2A6, 45UV3, UV90-3/6/9 Scanners are used with the M-Series, M-Series II, MicroM, FlameWorx, MB-2 and D-Series controls as well as the Fireye Flame-Monitor TM, BurnerLogix and Nexus System. The UV1A3/6 scanners come with 3 ft. and 6 ft. cables rated for Tray Cable – Exposed Run (TC-ER) and complies with the crush and impact requirements of the standard for metal clad cable, UL 1569. The UV2 (36 inch) and UV2A6 (72 inch) are fitted with a 3/8” NPT female to 1/2”NPT male adapter fitted into the 1/2” threaded coupling of the UV1A3/6 respectively. The UV90-3/6/9 is available with 3 ft., 6 ft. and 9 ft. shielded flexible cables.

The UV1A series scanner is an ultraviolet miniature non-self-checking scanner suitable for fuel gases and no. 2 oil. Non-replaceable tube.

The UV tube is made of quartz and is filled with a gas that ionizes when struck by UV radiation from the flame. In the absence of UV radiation, the gas acts as an insulator between two electrodes which are mounted inside the tube. These electrodes are energized continuously by a high voltage. During combustion, UV radiation ionizes the gas, causing current pulses to flow between the electrodes. These current pulses result in a flame signal which is transmitted to the amplifier in the control, where it is processed to energize or hold in the flame relay

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