45UV5-1009 Fireye Scanner


45UV5-1009 UV self-check scanner, 1 NPT, 120 VAC shutter. Use with 72DUVS4, 72DUVS1T, EUVS4, MicroM, FlameWorx II.

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The Fireye 45UV5-1009 UV self-check scanner, 120 VAC shutter, 1 NPT. Use with 72DUVS1T, 72DUVS4, EUVS4, FlameWorx II, MicroM.

Supply voltage: 560 VAC (supplied by control) ~ Self-checking shutter assembly ~ Operating temp: -40°C to 60°C (-40°F to 140°F) ~ Available in NEMA (Class 1, Div 2, Group C and D) and Cenelec approved explosion proof housing (EEx d IIC T6) ~ Mounting threads: 1″ NPT ~ Optical range: 190-270 nm.

The 45UV5 scanners use a UV-eye detector. This detector is a sealed, gas-filled, UV-sensitive tube containing two electrodes connected to a source of AC voltage. When UV radiation of sufficient energy falls upon the electrodes, electrons are released and the inter-electrode gas becomes conductive, resulting in an electric current flow from one electrode to the other. The current flow starts and ends abruptly and is known as an “avalanche.”


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