MERT4 Fireye Amplifier


MERT4 Flame rect amp. 3 sec FFRT. Use with 69ND, 45CM.

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The Fireye MERT4 Flame rect amp. 3 sec FFRT. Use with 69ND, 45CM.


The Fireye MEUV1, MEUV4, MEUVS1, MEUVS4, MERT1, MERT4, MEIR1, MEIR4, MECD1 and MECD4 are Amplifier Modules used with the Fireye Modular MicroM control. These amplifier modules provide flame scanning capabilities using any of the Fireye standard ultraviolet scanners, self-check scanners, infrared scanners, cadmium sulfide scanners and flame rods. The Flame Failure Response Time (FFRT) of the control is determined by the selection of the amplifier module (see Ordering Information). Test jacks are provided on the amplifier modules to permit flame signal measurement during operation and is a uniform 0-10 vdc for all models.

After scanner selection, the proper amplifier module must be used in the Modular MicroM chassis (see Ordering Information). The amplifier module incorporates a plug-in design for ease of installation.

The programmer module determines the operational characteristics of the control (e.g. relight, purge timing, etc.).

For proper and safe application of this product, you must refer to bulletin MC-5000 for a detailed description of the operation of the Modular MicroM control, including installation instructions, operating sequences for the programmer modules, etc. Also follow the scanner installation and wiring instructions found in bulletins MC-5000 for proper flame scanning operation.


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