RM7800M1011 Honeywell Burner Control


The Honeywell RM7800M1011 Burner Control W/ON/OFF PRE-Ignition, RUNNING, LOW FIRE INTER- LOCKS, 60HZ. CSA/UL SAFETY SEQUENCE. Microprocessor Based Integrated Burner Control, For use with Automatically Fired Gas, Oil, Coal or Combination Fuel Single Burner Applications, 120Vac, 10 Second or Intermittent Main Flame Establishing Period, 4 Second or 10 Second Pilot Flame Establishing Period, Interrupted Pilot, Intermittent Second Stage Pilot Valve, Running Interlocks, Includes S7800 Display, On/Off Proven, 15 Second Post Purge,User Selectable Air Flow Check, Early Spark Termination of 5 Seconds, -40-140 Degree Ambient Temperature Range

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